Windows of the Soul

Ah, spring. Birds chirping, everything in bloom....and yet we still get frost warnings 😲. Is it too early for Halloween or creepy? Nahhhhh.....

I've been playing in my kraft journal with my new stamp collection from Blank Page Muse Stamps - Soulful Dolls!   These little guys are a hoot! 

My moon is embossed with Seth Apter's Chunky Rust Baked Texture Embossing Powder - nice texture & moon bumps!

My main attraction, though, is the doll - what do you call more than one doll? A deluge? A division? 😃 Whatever it is, they've been transformed into something a little creepy.

Windows of the soul, indeed... Let's move a little closer...

And closer still...... AHHHHHHHHHH.......

Their red, beady eyes that seem to glow and look through you. And so many of them!  But they are also cute, yes?  

You can get yours in the full set or you can buy this baby doll separately!

He'd be darling on a tag for a baby shower gift as well as being used for a creepier creation.  Lots of possibilities for this soulful collection!

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Seth Apter Embossing Powder


If you're going to be wild, then go all the way

Here I am with a wild 2-sided tag for the More Than Words WILD Mini Challenge!

For some, wild means animals, leopard prints, back to nature. For me, wild means weird, crazy patterns, offbeat, quirky. If you're going to be wild -  THEN BE WILD!

I started doing this tag one way, hated it, then painted it all black and went....well, wild. Crazy background stamp, crazy colors, collages - I don't know what more I could've done short of putting a straight jacket on it.

Now, it's not as ornate as some would do it. But my wild is meant to be seen, not covered up with so much stuff that you lose the meaning. And I did mention it's 2-sided. So I was able to incorporate some of my stamps from my new Soulful Dolls collection at Blank Page Muse Stamps! 

My wild is definitely not animalistic - more artistic and oddly appealing!


Just released - my new stamp set!

Hey everbody! Soooo excited - my 2nd stamp set at Blank Page Muse Stamps has officially been released! These stamps were made from photos of real dolls I own and that's my face!

And they're available as singles as well!

To show off part of the collection, I did this quirky art journal page in my Anne of Avonlea book. And the doll prop is the model for the stamp!

I used Seth Apter's Vintage Beeswax Embossing Powder on the spread which is also available at the Blank Page Muse Shop!  It gives it a wonderful shiny, vintage glaze to it. I was also able to imprint the spiral stamp into it when it was warm for a cool affect. And I used Seth's Chunky Rust Embossing Powder on the cog.  

My girls were fun to make - like dressing up little paper dolls. The stamp does have the black shadow on the one side which would be cool for a creepier stamping project. Since I wanted to dress mine up, I stamped them on cardstock and cut that part off. 

And the sentiment is perfect...

It's a fun little set with great sentiments! ATCs would be awesome to make - maybe use reds & blacks with the doll stamps for a darker mood. Or make a colorful card using the faces coupled with a sentiment for something more personal or uplifting. Another possibility:  stamp, then scan the print and make different sizes in Photoshop for a journal spread. Lots of possibilities and moods can be created with this set, from whimsical to creepy!  I hope you'll stop by the Blank Page Muse Shop and pick up a set! And don't forget to show us your Blank Page Muse stamp creations on the Blank Page Muse Fan Group page!

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Make your own faux shadow box

Hey everyone! Do you love shadow boxes or printer trays but find they can be expensive? I have the solution with CCB Products!

Come check out the whole process on the CCB Blog! And don't forget to check out the CCB shop!



Listen To Your Art

It's April and that means a new challenge at Lindy's Gang!  This month's theme is metallics!

One thing I love to do is upcycle old paint brushes! They've got character - maybe a metal band around it, some dried paint. So I dug out my last old brush and decided to give it a makeover!

Everything has been colored or embossed with Lindy's:  Incandescent CopperCocoa Bean Copper, and Glory of the Seas Gold sprays and Holly Berry Red GoldMidnight Copper, and Caesar's Gold embossing powders.

The shimmer in the colors is gorgeous, y'all!

The crackle gives you lots of nooks and crannies to pool your color. And it looks like peeling paint!

I love using Lindy's products because of the shimmer and 2-tone colors. They really give your project a pop! 


Winner of my Remember When Blog Hop prize - IS IT YOU??

I had a blast participating in the Remember When Blog Hop!  Everyone did a great job and the projects were so much fun! And as promised, I've chosen the winner of my prize!

Without further ado, congratulations to:

Way to go, Becs! Please contact me to claim your prize by Tuesday, 24 April, and tell me where in the world you are!  Or if you know Becs - let her know! And to everyone else, thank you so much for stopping by! And don't forget: I still have a HUGE giveaway coming to one lucky follower - but you have to follow! Share my giveaway post and invite your friends - help me reach 75 followers and you could win 75 prizes!!  



It's Steampunk Time

My latest post is up on the Blank Page Muse Blog! Here's a sneak peek - click the link to see the full post with step-by-steps & all the pics!

Blank Page Muse: Hot Air Balloon with Clock Face Art Rubber Stamp
Blank Page Muse:  Diamond Repeating Pattern Background Stamp

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