Down the rabbit hole

I've got another little domino book to share with - follow me down the rabbit hole!

Two dominos side by side for the covers. I embossed the edges and left the one side as dominos. The dominos remind me of the playing card guards in the story. And each side has different clasps.

The inside features little vignettes from the story. Have a bit of tea, meet some really vivid characters, and try to catch that elusive rabbit.  Most importantly - keep your head!

My favorite part is this cover.  Flowers that have lacquer to add dimension, a little doll wearing a rhinestone crown. And you have to have a bottle of potion! It signifies the little girl in Alice but at the same time she grows up really fast from her experiences.

And this particular scene is perfect for a mini book - she's really feeling confined in such a small space. Open up the book and let her breathe a little.

There's always a story to be told when Alice begins dreaming. And a mini book is a great way to tell it.

I'm entering this in the Mini Album Makers July Challenge

AND the Art Playground - Tell Your Story challenge.


Here comes the sun 🌞

The sun: some worship it, some avoid it at all costs. My favorite phrase in describing it is 'white hot'. That's how I've chosen to show it on my pretty tag.

I wanted it to look clean and uncluttered - letting the 'sun shine through' so to speak. That's why I chose to use a white background. While the sun is white hot, it's also a golden ball, lighting up the sky with its rays. The background stamp is a Hero Arts sunburst pattern that's subtle yet packs a punch. The Perfectly Peacock embossing powder gives it a cosmic shine, depending on how you turn the tag. Straight up, you don't get the shiny glare but turn it, and you need sunglasses!

I added some flowers that the sun has helped to grow and bloom. Beautiful blue, yellow, and rose shades have seeped out after taking a drink of cooling water. They're also gold-tipped as an homage to the golden orb giving them life.  

All the beautiful colors are from Lindy's - everything shimmers in the sun, even the sun himself.

It's a simple tag that tells a story to me. And I got my inspiration from the Art Playground for their July challenge- Tell Your Story.


Got a new gig!

Hey, hey! So thrilled to announce a new gig!

How fab is this?!  You can visit them on Etsy - Gecko Galz Studios. They have a huge offering of digital images - over 800!  And so many styles: kitschy, Rennaisance, Art Deco, creepy, circus, beach. You have to check them out! I'm so honored and psyched to get started this fall!


Step into my gypsy parlour!

I'm up on the CCB Blog with my latest creation - a gypsy parlor!

Come see what I used for the parlour and how I put it altogether! And don't forget to shop - from Architextures to Glimmer Mists to 7Gypsies paper!


I see right through you

Summer's heating up - thank that big ol' fire ball in the sky! But summer also invokes beautiful colors, like a sunset or fresh flowers or even the iridescence of summer bubbles your kids are blowing through their bubble wands.

And it inspired me to create a different sort of tag...

I've always wanted to do a plastic tag but I didn't want it to be a regular old thing. I cut it into a square shape with a wavy edge at the top. And then had some fun with the heat gun!

I wanted it to have a sense of movement and shape - definitely not just flat. And my Lindy's sprays and shakers had some hills and valleys to run in. I used Witch's Potion Purple and Bachelor Button Blue sprays & Yodeling Yellow and Lederhosen Laurel shakers. I went around the edges with Obviously Black EP for contrast. I decided to add the word Joy - the colors and sun look peaceful and serene. 

I stamped my sun face and drew around it with a paint pen - he looks like he's melting somewhat. And I used all the Lindy's colors on a piece of string for a tie dye effect.

The heat gun really created great warps & shape as well as movement & pooling with the colors. It's a simple tag that packs a punch without being overloaded - the colors and warps speak volumes.

Since I'm talking about Lindy's, I'm entering this in their July challenge.

And I'll give it a whirl at Scrapki-wyzwaniowo for their Sun challenge

AND the Mixed Media Place June challenge which is all about summer as well!