Blocks of fun

Blocks of wood - they come in many shapes & sizes. Some are small, some large, some long. And they're all customizable to your taste. Here's a few blocks I've done using a variety of techniques, like embossing, distressing, lacquer, metal - anything goes!

Here's a block for your man's man cave: manly colors, manly stripes, manly mustaches....

And for a little girl's room, something feminine & pink with some glitter, lacquer, & distressing. 

Here's another manly block - something that says patriotic yet library with mahogany furniture and a world globe on a stand.

This one is for a boudoir. I picture it sitting on a vanity next to the fancy perfume bottles and pearl necklaces.

And then there's the Kentucky Derby block for the snooty neighbor who wears dress suits with matching shoes, hat, & purse.....dont forget the mint julep! This one actually won me a guest designer spot at Frilly and Funkie

And now to my favorite - the tall wood scraps. 

I scored a bunch of wood scraps & various craft stuff from Goodwill for less than $2!  So I set about transforming a couple of them by decoupaging, stamping, distressing, & some photo transfers ala the Renaissance period. 

It was a good way to use scraps and really have some fun using various techniques & media. 

So hop on over to your local craft store ~ or raid hubby's wood scrap pile ~ and grab some blocks of wood & go to town. It's a great creative outlet and you can make some store-quality decor pieces for yourself or for friends for cheap.  You could do three tall pieces like my Renaissance blocks and make them into a triptych. Or cover blocks with different family photos and stack them on a mantlepiece - then, when you're mad at your cousin Suzy, you can turn her block around. 😏

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