Die Cut Machines - love 'em or hate 'em?

I know this will probably sound sacriligious but.....I don't have a machine so don't judge.  There are so many out there with so many styles. It's like trying to buy a new car!  Do you want the economy model or the deluxe edition?

I've been thinking of getting one....for months now.  But I just can't take the plunge.  I guess what I've confused about it what dies work with what machine. And all those different plates you need to cut something.  I go online and Google the machines, watch demos on YouTube, and still I'm vascillating. Some people say you don't need all those plates. Others make it sound like your machine will spontaneously combust if you don't have them all in a certain order when cutting or embossing.

I've always had my eye on a Cuttlebug.

I don't know - there's something about the name. It's like a 'cuddle', something cute and 'cuddly'.  😜  And there's the myriad of dies and embossing folders.  And the expense in that since you can't just have 1.  I don't want it to be a novelty and then next week, it's like that toy you always wanted for Christmas and now you're bored with it.

So what do you think out there?  Tell me what you own, what brands of dies/folders work with yours, ease of operation, etc.  I am really curious and on the edge of a crafting nervous breakdown!

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