Tea Bag Art

Tea bags - those little sacks of brewed goodness that we generally throw away after a cup or two. But don't!! You can use them in your mixed media projects and home decor!

This is an unused tea bag that I simply embossed on each side - a butterfly and a top hat.  And let me say, when you're embossing ~ the heat gun gets those tea particles warm and it smells so good while you're doing it!

This one is a used tea bag. I stamped some script and added a big jewel on one side and a distressed pic of my dad on the other.  He's the spice of my life.

This one I incorporated into a tag using the song "Tea For Two" as inspiration. It's just simply stamped and I added a silver cup to it.

This next one is a new tea bag that I stamped, embossed, and water colored for a splash of color. I then stapled it a background swatch of paper that has a sentiment embossed. It would be cute as a tag on a gift or simply hanging up which is what I'll do.

There are a lot of things you can do with tea bags besides using them to dye things. Open them up for a bigger canvas. Put family pictures on them and mount them on a canvas board. Send some personalized bags to a friend in a tea cup for a decor piece (no steeping, please, or your artwork is ruined! 😜). You can also use the used tea particles in your artwork as well - gives it a lovely aroma. My favorite is stamping and then watercoloring. They make a great canvas for creativity - and they smell great, too!

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