Just out of morbid curiosity....

I've been playing with my new Oddly Appealing stamp set that's being sold through Sin City Stamps & having fun!

I thought I'd first show you the whole set stamped before I cut them apart:

I also thought you might be interested in seeing what photos these stamps were taken from. They are me, taking selfies wearing various garb and then photoshopping 😜

NOW - on to the ATC card!

This particular card has a diamond pattern on it which I love & I  knew it would work well with this one stamp.

After embossing using black & orange ~ what else would I use with this face? 😉 ~ the end result is fabulous!

I wanted to set off the face more so I added some red to the eyes. And I did a messy border using black glitter. 

So just out of 'morbid curiosity', tell me what ya think! I think it would be super cool to stamp the face, enlarge it, and put it on a bigger canvas. Then you could go to town with paints & sprays & other mediums to create a really creepy cool masterpiece! 

I'll have more posts in the future using the rest of this creepy & versatile collection so stay tuned! 


When is a cupcake box not a cupcake box?

When it's a stove!

Take your little cupcake box & make it into a retro stove - or to suit your style or decor!  You can use paper like I did or paint, pastes & sprays - even do some stenciling or stamping.

For the burners, I used rusty wire. I even made little 'wooden' spoons out of cardboard! And I didn't waste the lid to the little jar - I turned it into a copper-bottom pan! This one has 2 overhead lights - wish they really worked - I'll have to work on that for a future stove 😜

There's lots of ways to embellish them & make them realistic - like a towel hanging from the oven door or a cooking magazine.

This is the first one I did last year. As you can see, it's a totally different style.

I think my favorite part is the glove & stained towel - I can relate 😎


My new Oddly Appealing stamp set is out!

Oh yes, my friends - like the Pointer Sisters, "I'm so excited!!"

The stamp sets I'm doing for Sin City Stamps are from actual pictures I've taken since photography is another creative outlet for me. Those are actually pics of me playing around - the actual color photos are really quirky and, well - oddly appealing! I can't wait for the future sets! 

This set is available for an introductory price for only a couple weeks so order early! They're unmounted but are easy to cut out. They'd be great for your Halloween and/or steampunk projects! I'll be posting some samples & projects soon so you can see the fun you'll have with them. I can see embossing, water coloring - maybe even stamping them into moldable clay & casting them in resin. I think there's alot of possibilities and of course the phrases are great for journaling or layouts! 



The Mixed Up Mag Mixer FB page is having a Pick 'N' Mix card challenge - come join the fun!!

Image may contain: text

Pick N Mix Challenge Info
WELCOME to our challenge – PICK ‘N’ MIX!

Craft along with other Mixers to create your own deck of Creativity Cards.

The rules are – there are no rules! This is a fun challenge at the end of which participants will have created a deck of inspiration cards to help cure artist’s block!

The challenge will run once a week, every Thursday (except Christmas week), for 52 weeks. A prompt will be picked from our card deck at random.

To play use the PROMPT to create your card for that week – so for example, if the prompt is ‘Use Stencils’ then the ATC you create for that card should use that technique.

For your convenience, we’ve provided printable card backs to fit ATCs, available via the Mixed Up Etsy store. Using these is optional but they are great if a) you hate your handwriting and b) are too busy to print your own! They are £4 in the UK inc. VAT (£3.33 PLUS applicable VAT rate elsewhere) and available here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/539728642/52-printable-pick-n-mix-creativity 

Your admins are: Katy Leitch and Marianne Allitt

Key points to note:

· You do not have to join in every week – dip in and out, pick and choose.
· You don’t have to make ATCs if you don’t want to, choose another size or format (if you do want to make ATCs they are 3.5” x 2.5” in size).
· There are no prizes or winners (except your pride in your work!) – although we might chuck in the odd giveaway for players if you’re nice to us.
· We’d love you to share your work with others in the group but it’s not compulsory – there will be folders for each month in which to share your photos.
· Please feel free to share your work elsewhere and encourage others to play (please don’t share the cards though – there were a lot of hard work to create for you).
· If you do share, we’d love you to use hashtag #picknmixccc
· Although we will post weekly there is no time limit and we’ll keep a list of prompts in the files for you, with the week number.
· Any questions? Post in the group or tag one of the admins.
Most importantly of all - HAVE FUN!!!

Katy & Marianne x


Spring-loaded Alice

Howdy, peeps! Just a quickie little piece of home decor that takes no time to throw together!

I know that everybody has seen those rusty bed springs - sometimes they're called 'tornado springs'. Well, do some fussy cutting & voila ~ instant decor!

I love Alice so I made up a quickie display piece using printed pieces of vintage Alice drawings. 

I mainly did everything without color but just wanted a little pop. 

And I kept the Cheshire cat in his element - up a tree. He also adds a little more dimension since he's a bigger piece. 

Super simple to make & you can use your tape runner to hold them in place or a spot of glue. You can also use these springs for an everyday table centerpiece or for a party. Go crazy - add flowers, embellishments, fabric - your imagination is your limit!


A magical bungalow

Mixed Media Place and The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge  have challenges up right now & the inspiration is from these pics:  

In looking at the pics, I see pastels that look dreamy and houses that look magical. So I turned a plain paper mache house into a bungalow fit for Snow White!

I used Prima's now retired Firefly collection because of those colors! The patterns & colors together make me think of fairies flitting around like fireflies in a field of tall grass.

There's different embellishments & media used, like crackle paste, glitter, Art Alchemy waxes, different types of moss, paper - even a clock inside. At the tone, the time will be.... 

Of course, with all the beautiful flowers & colors, you have to have a butterfly... 

My favorite is the angel & the moon.... 

I don't know about you but I'm ready to move in! 


My adventures with PB & Gelli

I'm not talking about a lunchbox sandwich - I'm talking Paint, Brayer & Gelli! 😜

I got my gelli plate & brayer yesterday - hurrah! This is a first for me - I know everybody has had one of these for ages (yawn) but I've been scared of them so don't judge. 😋

The more I watched videos & saw them on blogs, the more I decided I had to have one.

I got a PolyGel plate in the 5"x7" size to start with. This stuff is pretty cool - for you experts, just humor me as I play with my new toy. 😀

And so I started playing with colors & laying stencils on top lightly to see what would happen on some small pieces of scrap paper.  Kind of cool! 

I then decided to use some metallics. I have some Ken Oliver liquid metallics & found they kind of sit on top of the acrylic paints the first couple of times with the brayer but then blend in. They left behind the metallic sparkly affect which was cool. 

This one I didn't really brayer smooth on the plate & I laid my Andy Skinner stencil of women's faces on top. It looked kind of neat - I think I'll fool around more with targeting specific colors in certain areas where I know my stencil will be laid, like maybe black for the actual faces to stand out. But hey, this was just getting the lay of the land type of stuff. 

So after goofing around a little bit, I got out a little mini canvas from Simply Art. 

I put my color down, pressed down my canvas.....and horror of horrors....it took off some of my canvas! And somehow I got a blue dot of something on it! 

But hey - this is art, am I right? So when life gives you oopsies, you make untamed creativity. 

Just add some words, some stenciling, a little wax around the edges to frame it & you've got a masterpiece that you can tell everyone you methodically & painstakingly created by the sweat of your brow. 😎

I hope you can see the shimmer. And yes - I kept the blue dot. Why? Because everyone is going to ask 'What is that blue dot for?' That's art, my friends - no other explanations needed. 

I hope you've enjoyed my maiden voyage into the world of PB & Gelli. I have lots of ideas & lots of trial & error to get through. But all in all, I think it's a cool addition to my art arsenal!