Utensils - they're not just for shoveling food in your pie hole

I love old utensils of any type: forks, spoons, ladles, pie servers, butter knives. And nothing says 'Why did you ruin a completely good fork?' like upcycling.

This little cutie was an old spoon - kind of bigger than a tablespoon. I dressed it up with lace, moss, a little rusty bucket with stars, a cute lacquered vintage baby cutout. Really simple to put together - a great gift for a baby shower!

This knife & spoon is a favorite of mine. Decoupaging, distressing, crackle paint - so much fun to transform! 

I used a layer from various napkins for the decoupaging since they were thin.

You can embellish in so many ways: wire, buttons, trinkets - your imagination is the limit!

You can also just use your old utensils as embellishments on your home decor

How about making a keepsake spoon?!  Use a picture of a relative, add some old ribbon or lace, maybe a keepsake trinket or two - perfect for an anniversary gift!

And then there's the lonely fork. They're a little trickier to decoupage with those tines. But a thin layer from a napkin makes it easier to get between them.

So with that, I leave you. All this talk about spoons and forks makes me want to eat something....🍰

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