Whimsical pin cushions

Cork is the challenge going on at Mixed Up Magazine & I've come up with these whimsical pin cushions!  

I'll show you the process for the steampunk version which is my favorite! 

First, I got 3 corks in varying sizes...lucky for me, I collect & upcycle bottles so I have a big stash! 

I picked one that would fit the embellishments I was going to use & painted it with Art-C gold paint. While drying, I got the nozzle right up to the paint so that it would bubble. 

I then decided I wanted to emboss a little bit of the clock face, just for added texture. 

I ran my finger over various areas with Art Alchemy wax & a touch of black distressing ink & started putting everything together. 

I think the end result for all three came out awesome - each has its own style. 

Here's more of the steampunk version. 

I got some creepy doll wood shapes from Etsy, picked one, and framed it. 

I really liked the combo of the paint, the wax, & the ink. It gave it an oxidized look. And the bubbles! 

This next one I covered in a strip of distressed Toile ribbon I had. 

I added some blue wax to the top which matched the color of the fabric - it's really pretty. 

For the last one, I covered it in a fabric swatch (from J. Wecker Frisch - she has AWESOME fabric!), then twisted rusty wire around the neck to secure it, and cut off the excess giving it a ragged look. 

I added a button for fun.... 

These were so easy to make and took no time at all. They'd make great, personalized gifts for a sewing enthusiast or just as decoration! 


  1. These are so cool! Keep up the good work. I really love the steampunk clock.


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