Make a shrine out of your washi tape box

Hello, my lovelies! I'm here today to show you how to make a shrine out of your multi-pack washi tape box!

When I got this multi-pack & emptied it out, I immediately saw it: a shrine.

The first thing I did was tape down the top (I accidentally tore off the tab that goes inside to keep it closed 😐) & covered it in Copper Studio 71 acrylic paint - that stuff is so lush! And it blisters beautifully. 

Then I went over it with Royal Robes Art Alchemy Wax - gave it a nice iridescence. 

Then I got 4 small wood dowels for the legs & painted them black. I poked holes in the bottom of the box & pushed them in. 

Then, let's put it all together! I added some sisal & grungy Sari ribbon to finish it off. 

The iridescence from the wax is fab - and those blisters! 

The creepy doll is from Etsy - this guy has amazing stuff! 

And the small dowels were perfect for the legs. 

Super simple, my friends - nothing is wasted! 


Of mice & men

The Male Room Challenge Blog currently is hosting a challenge and DT call, and the theme is Anything Goes with the optional Technology element thrown in. This is right up my alley since hubby is a tech geek & we're 'wired for sound' around here.

It all started with a mouse - not the furry kind but the computer kind. It's been sitting in a drawer for almost 6 years so it was time to do something with it.

Since I was going for the steampunk, grungy, vintage look, I covered it in copper crackle. Then I spritzed with water, then dribbled black spray, letting it get into the cracks a little. 

Then I added some more color with Fire Ruby wax from Art Alchemy. 

I had this small little palette in my stash & picked out some paper from 7 Dots & cut it to fit inside the square. But that will come later. 

I first need to embellish around the frame & add a little texture. Just enough for interest. 

Then, let's paint it black. It's the perfect base for those Art Alchemy waxes! 

After that was done, it was time to put it all together! 

I added an embossed mustache to the mouse & Sari silk ribbon around the whole thing. 

A quote, some washi tape, & a textured Architextures piece behind the gentleman adds interest as well as the outlining. And don't forget my gentleman friend! 

It's got height and texture and technology - perfect for a man! 

Hope you enjoyed it! Drop me a line - I'd love to hear from you! 



What's black and white and fabulous all over?

Hello, my friends! After that tantalizing title, I better produce something black and white and fabulous, huh? 😉

So my fabulous project starts with a block of wood & some MixedUP Merchandise printables in black and white.

First off, get a block of wood. I got some mixed pieces in a bag full of wood scraps & blocks from Goodwill for real cheap - score! Then cover it in white paint. Now, I must confess - I started this project, absolutely hated it, and started over. 😐 I just ran a sanding block over it, left everything on it, and painted over it. And when drying - put that nozzle right up to the paint for fantastic blistering.

Then pick your printables. I pulled from 50's LadiesPerfume Labels, Ledger, & Snarky Words. Anything that wasn't black & white, I converted by using the 'stamp' filter in Photoshop. I also used some black & white tissue paper with a flourish pattern on it as well.

The printables (except the words) were done as transfers: cut them out, put gel medium on the picture, then lay it gel side down on the surface. Let it dry, wet with water, and rub off the paper, not putting too much pressure or your pic can come off. Although, it's perfectly OK if it does - gives it a worn look.

So after some finishing touches, here it is!

I ran some black metallic wax down the edges & outlined some things in black pencil, then went over it with a water brush. I also went over everything with matte Mod Podge to seal it. 

I love the snarky sayings & the blistering! 

I really love these printables & how you can change them & mix them to fit any project! I think this one looks a little more elegant/modern. But you could print everything in sepia and give it a more vintage look or bright colors for something more funky! 


Necessity is the mother of invention

Favourite Historical Figure is the inspiration for the latest 7 Dots challenge. And my choice is the incomparable Nikola Tesla.

Engineer, inventor, physicist, futurist - Tesla was, to me, the father of steampunk. His wireless power demonstrations lit up the stage. His Broadcast Tower at his laboratory was a technological marvel. And then there's the invention of AC technology. His work with Edison & electricity is what inspired me. And what does electricity do - it provides light! (click on the pics for bigger pics).... 

The base for my lighted picture is the 7 Dots Studio Dreamer collection, with City Lights being the specific paper I used - perfect for the theme. I adhered it to a thick piece of cardboard. 

It was already industrial & grungy. I added crackle paste randomly through a stencil. Then I used thick jewelry wire as the rod to hang my light bulbs using rusty wire. I also spritzed a little Lindy's Gang Bayou Boogie Gold. 

I added metal corner brads & rust paste. Plus, I used a piece of rusty screen across the bottom which is the base for my catchy phrase.  I also added brads in various places of the screen which held it in place. Of course you have to have rusty gears! 

And then there's Tesla himself. He's 3D using foam squares and his eyes light up along with the hanging bulbs. I poked holes through the canvas where his eyes and bulbs are, then pushed a couple lights together from a small battery operated string of pin lights into each hole. Everything on the back is taped down - and I can easily change the batteries! I can cover it later with another piece of cardboard if I wish. 

I hope this piece 'lights up your life' and 'sparks' your imagination to create your own historical figure canvas! 


A jumble of journals

Jumble was the closest thing I could come up with to describe my stack of journals:

I love doing journals even though I'm not great at it. But it's soooo therapeutic & fun to try different things - and make lots of mistakes!

You can use just about anything as a base, like cardboard or blank craft books....

Paper bag journals (<---- bottom journal) are really fun. They have pockets formed by the open ends of the bags so you can make cards to stuff in them or you can put personal items in them.


You can also just use the cover of an old book or a regular school composition book. 

Or make your own covers. I made one out of burlap to keep my watercolor paper creations in. And I've also used thin chipboard sheets to make a little booklet. It's easy to add new pages as you go. 

No matter what you choose, have fun creating! I'm a novice who sometimes doesn't have a clue but I learn new things in the process that I can incorporate into other projects. And it's a great way to use your scraps!