OK - don't judge....or laugh...

...well, maybe a little 🙄

I was in the mood to try drawing a face which I am completely NOT any good at. But, it was fun creating Agnes!

I put down some white gesso, then added some color for the background. And then I started making Agnes come to life. It's funny but when I scribble on a piece of paper, my faces look like the Mona Lisa. But doing it for real is another story...

She's nothing spectacular but she's right at home in my art journal. After all - art is in the eye of the beholder...I think I might need glasses. 🤓


Faux encaustic using matte gel

OK - this is something I decided to play around with just to see if it would work. And I'm quite pleased with my first attempt!

I used a small canvas to practice on because I wasn't sure what was going to happen. 😒  I just did some scribbles, added torn pieces of paper, some color here and there, and then covered it with a thick coat of matte gel.

I actually forgot it was sitting upstairs to dry all last week because of holiday & family stuff! It's ok because you want to give it a day or two to completely dry. I then scratched some lines into it and added paint to get down in the lines, then wiped the rest off.

I really like the affect - easier than messing with wax!

I think I've got enough confidence to try a bigger piece now!


A humble, holy scene

Hey everyone - long time, no post!  Thanksgiving was craziness so I'm slowly picking things back up!  Today I have a quick and easy nativity scene!

Super simple to make and so simplistic!  But, you could go crazy with stencils, stamps, pastes, embellishments - anything to personalize your style!  

I decided to go humble for this scene.  All you need are some wood blocks (at my craft store, they have packages of whittling blocks), a small peg person, and wood knobs for the heads.

For Joseph, I just ran a distress ink pad over the wood, leaving it rustic looking. Then just glue on his head.

For the angel, I quickly painted it white, added some distressing, cut out/glittered my wings, and added a belt for the angel's robe.

For Mary and Jesus, I again went over her with a distress ink pad. Then I added burlap for her head covering.  For Jesus, I wrapped him in a piece of burlap which is secured with a rusty pin.

I could envision making sheep, too: take a block, add white paint and cotton balls or batting, then lay it horizontal and put the head at the end, maybe some buttons on the bottom for feet.  Or how about painting them metallic!  You could also add the wisemen!  Lots of options!


The versatility of vellum

It's time again for another challenge at The Male Room Challenge Blog!

I like to make my own vellum which is a snap: you just need paper & oil! I scanned/printed 3 different pages from an A6 pad from Hunkydory called Gentleman's Journey. I cut them out, added my oil, wiped off the excess, & then dried. I then printed out a picture to go underneath that was in keeping with the theme of the vellum overlay: golf clubs, checkered flags, & a rainbow trout. 

Here's a pic of one of the pages with the corresponding pic I'm placing underneath it. 

I cut the image out the same size as the vellum top sheet, went around the edges with my tape runner, and put the two together. And this is the result! 

I've shown both the original page & the finished vellum page side-by-side so you can see the difference. Can't see through the original! 

And some close-ups...

Now I've got some card toppers or I can mount them on canvases for decor or use them in my journals!  Easy peasy & different! 



And now for my exciting news!

Hey everyone - here's the news! So excited!

I'm officially a member of the 2018 CCB Creative Crew! See all the members here!! 



It's beginning to look alot like Christmas 🎅

Hey everyone! I've got some Christmas projects using MixedUP Merchandise printables!

I used the above sheet called Christmas Wishes - they're adorable! 

The first one is a jar that I've put a battery candle in - it will light up! 

I covered the jar with white gesso, not being careful to be perfect - I wanted some texture. I went over it was Rose Gold Art Alchemy wax to show the lines & imperfections. I then cut out my printable, added some snowflake paste & embellishments & voila!

Super easy! Next is a wooden block. I covered it with a book page, then added a couple of old correspondence printables. I fussy cut my Christmas printable and adhered her onto a background of sisal. I added some Sari ribbon fibers for her hair & inked the edges.  

This last item is something different. You know those big, long wads of kraft paper you sometimes get in your packaging - you unwad it and it's like 15 feet long! I save that stuff for my projects 😃. I went into Photoshop & picked my printable. Then I sized & arranged copies of the printable in a zigzag repeating pattern - my project file was sized to legal.  I then cut a piece of the kraft paper down to legal printer paper size, taped it to a piece of paper so it wouldn't get jammed (it's lighter weight than regular printer paper) - and printed my file onto it. Wrapping paper! You can wrap smaller things like books, jewelry boxes, a pair of cozy socks. And you can use all kinds of printables to personalize it! 

Lots of fun things can be created this holiday season - or year around! There's so many different styles that can be resized, recolored, & manipulated to fit your project!



The peeled paint affect

Hello, my lovelies! I've not been doing much lately - I've been getting over bronchitis (2+ weeks 😷) & caring for my mother who has Alzheimer's. So, I've been trying to take it easy for a bit. But - I'm back with a cool project!

For this project, I had a board - I'm not sure if it's MDF or what. I've just had it awhile 😃.  I painted it yellow, then stamped my scene using these fantastic stamps from Visible Image.  As you can see, my girl got a little messed up - but no worries as you'll see.  Pay no attention to the creepy clown photo bombing my shot 😗

Now, for the affect.  Take some petroleum jelly on your finger and put it anywhere on the canvas you don't want your next layer of paint to go. If you tilt your project, you can see the spots that are shiny.

Now paint over the whole thing with your next color. It doesn't have to be thick with every inch covered. Let it dry or use your heat gun. You'll notice where the jelly is that it looks wet when heating. Anywhere the jelly is, the paint will wipe off & not stick.

Now take a paper towel and gently start wiping off the paint. You can start doing this step while you're drying as well - it depends on the look you want & how much paint you want to remove before it's completely dry, even on spots that don't have the jelly.

Keep doing this with however many colors you want. You could even try dragging a fork through the paint to make lines. Once you're done, step back & admire your handiwork.

I took a black ink pad and rubbed it around the edges & drug it over some spots on the canvas.

The little mess up ended up being no big deal in the end 😎.

I really love the affect it gives!

I love this look! You could start with some cool scrapbook paper as your base instead of paint. Lots of possibilities for home decor - and don't forget the upcoming holiday season!


Big news coming soon!

I've got some big news coming very soon - it's huge...it's bigger than huge...it's so exciting - I'm bursting, my friends! Stay tuned!


Let's piece it together!

There's a new challenge up at The Male Room Challenge Blog !

I have to admit - paper piecing or mosaic is something I've never done before so it was a challenge for me also! 

I did this page in my naked journal from Canvas Corp. I did a little boy holding some balloons - one of which got loose! 

I used some of my scraps to piece together the balloons & his clothes. I even left white spaces to make it look more mosaic. And while I was thinking shiny tiles when thinking about mosaic, I added lacquer on the pieces to make them shiny like tile! 

I think my favorite part is the sentiment - it goes perfectly with the theme!